Hello and welcome to my official website! This site is dedicated to telling you – and showing you – everything I am doing in the world of golf. I have tried to make the site as accessible as possible, but here’s a short summary on what you can expect to find and where.

  • Blog: My own words about what is going on; whether in the gym, on the driving range, or elsewhere
  • Schedule: An overview of my tournament schedule including links to live scoring (when available)
  • About Therese: A bit about me, my goals, and awards and achievements
  • Sponsors: A list of the sponsors that continue to help me reach my goals
  • In the Press: Media and articles about me written by external media
  • Gallery: Images and resources for the press

If you have any suggestions on features that you think are missing, comments on existing content or otherwise wish to share your opinion, please click here, or send an e-mail to admin@theresekoelbaek.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Welcome again, and enjoy your stay!