Tournament Break

Since graduation about 2 weeks ago the time has been flying by. I have pretty much begun to get into a good rhythm of workouts and practice which has been taking up most of my time. In the past two weeks however, I have also been busy helping my boyfriend move into my place and planning my future career. I have met with a few people in regards to sponsorships and so far the feedback has been great. I have been surprised how helpful people have been and the support I have gotten, so that is definitely a good feeling.

As for golf I have taken a few lessons in the past couple of weeks, and even though I have not been hitting it as well as I want to, it is all going in the right direction. I have had an opportunity to play a lot which is good and it is amazing not having to go home after practice to do homework. I definitely like this new lifestyle :) You would think that I all of a sudden have a lot of time on my hands, being done with school, but I seem to always have something to do. I am not going to lie though; there has been time for a movie night in between – so I finally got to see ‘Inception’ which I definitely can recommend!

Now I have less than a week till I head home to Denmark for a short turnaround. I can’t wait to be home again and see my family and friends. It will be tough being away from my boyfriend all summer, but luckily there is Skype :) I will head to British Amateur right when I get back and I am so excited to travel with the national team again. It is always so much fun being on the road together with good friends, and the tournament will hopefully be a good start to the rest of the summer.

The temperature has gone down a bit, to ‘just’ 90 degrees in Vegas at 6pm, so it is time for a late night practice!