Therese Ranked Top Amateur

Therese Ranked Top Amateur

According to new R&A ratings Therese is the 22nd highest ranked amateur in the world, as well as the highest ranked Danish amateur. She is thrilled to be part of this exclusive list, but her focus is still on the upcoming college season.

The snow is thawing and a new season draws closer, and for R&A – the organisation that manages and develops golf rules worldwide – this means evaluating the year that was. Recently they announced the 52-week rolling World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) and at 22nd place, Therese is right in the thick of it:

Being 22nd in the world is a very nice way to confirm that my efforts are paying off, and that I am heading in the right direction. It does help a little on my confidence but otherwise it does not affect much for me going into the college season next week, because I still just have my mind on what I need to work on in my game. It is definitely a nice place to start at and I am excited to try and work my way up the ranking, she explains.

What began in the summer of last year as major swing-problems ended with Therese hitting it longer than ever, and ultimately culminated in a bit of an autumn sprint as she finished all of the last four college tournaments of 2010 in the top-10, including three top-3 finishes. But golf is a sport of many disciplines and according to Therese, another contributor to her performance was her overall mindset at the time.

I think part of what made me perform well was that I generally felt great during that period. I moved to my own apartment at the beginning of the semester which was an ideal living situation for me, and I also met my boyfriend who has been a great support. So both on and off the golf course I was in a perfect spot and I think that this also influenced how I played, she explains.

While this announcement is proof that Therese is where she needs to be, she has no intentions to rest on her laurels. There are still 21 players ahead of her, and with a new season comes new challenges. All in all rankings are great indicators of performance, but it’s the results moving forward that really matter:

One of my goals of the spring season is to finish within top-10 on WAGR. However, my main focus is on swing changes and preparation for professional golf after college. Hopefully my efforts will pay off in the rankings, she adds.

Speaking of efforts, Therese plays her first tournament of the season this Monday at Robinson Ranch Golf Club in California, and you will be able to follow her scores right here. Also stay tuned with her reactions form the tournament on her blog and twitter.