The Year in Review

2010 In Review

As the year is coming to an end Therese looks back on the 2010 season that brought her a victory, four top-5 finishes, and three top-10 finishes. She also achieved her highest ranking on Golfweek College Rankings, at one point being ranked 13th in the States.

For today’s instalment, Therese looks back on the year that was, and most notably the road to three consecutive top-3 finishes. A road that, as is so often the case, was paved with obstacles. She recollects:

“2010 was a year with many ups and downs. I started out this year playing well, but after the first couple of tournaments it felt like my game slowed down a bit. Technically I began to struggle which resulted in me hitting a lot shorter than I was used to. It hurt both my game and my confidence. Things were complicated further by the fact that I was in USA, and my coach Thomas Larsson was in Denmark. Although we tried to talk weekly and I emailed my swing-videos back to Denmark, it isn’t quite the same as working physically together.”

So when Therese came back to Denmark in the summertime she had the work cut out for her. But thanks to a combination of persistence and hard work  she fought herself back into the game. In fact, by the time she left for USA she was hitting the ball farther than ever, and more consistently at that. And by the time she arrived everything, it seemed, just fell into place. Fast forward to December and suddenly she was the 13th highest ranked women in college golf.

Looking back on the year as a whole, Therese think of three highlights in particular:

“Among the top experiences of this year is the World Amateur Team Championship in Argentina where I both had fun and learned a lot. My individual victory in the spring at our home tournament UNLV Spring Invitational also ranks high. And finally the technical improvements I made over the summer were vital. All in all,” she concludes, “it has been an exciting year with good experiences both on and off the course.”

Moving forward, Therese will be walking in uncharted territory. She has to prove that she can continue the form she hit back in the fall season,  and then there’s the minor detail of finishing her college affairs and dive into the world of professional golf

Now I am really looking forward to 2011 and to see what that year will bring for me. It will be the year i finish my studies at UNLV and make the transition to a career of golf. I have made the decision to try my luck in America and it will be exciting to see how far I can take it. Short term my ambitions during the spring are to win a tournament, and receive the honors of Mountain West Conference Player of the Year, All-American 1st Team Golfer, and if I am to  achieve all that there is no time to waste. Come summer I will return to Denmark and attend to a couple of tournaments for the Danish National Team, after which I will return to USA and try to qualify for LPGA.

In perspective, then, 2011 might be the most important year of Therese’s career, as she will learn what it’s like to live off what she enjoys doing the most – playing golf. It will be early up and late to bed, and the competition will be tougher than ever before. But as Therese empathetically puts it, “I can’t wait to get started!”.