The Final Stretch


Only two more tournaments left of the season and looking for a strong finish

I can’t believe how fast time has gone by this year. It seems like only a bit ago that I started the season in Arizona, eager to get going after a previous year with back injury. Counting the coming two tournaments first here in Garden City Kansas and then in Daytona Beach Florida, I will have been on the road all over the United States in 19 of the past 32 weeks, so in that regard I am excited to head toward the ending and ready to spend some more time at home in Arizona. However, it has also been a ton of fun getting to travel and compete again this year, and I am looking forward to finishing strong. Especially with last year in mind, I have really appreciated being out on tour making a living of playing golf again. It has made me appreciate the ups and downs that much more, and I have definitely learned a lot. This year took me awhile to get into with a slow start on the Symetra Tour, and despite a few top finishes, I haven’t quite gotten the top results I wanted to. Even then, I feel like my game is more solid than ever, and whatever the rest of the Symetra Tour and the LPGA qualifying school brings this year and the following, I feel very excited about it.

After two weeks off, last week we kicked the final stretch into gear in Myetta Kansas, which turned out to be a great tournament for me. Two solid days followed by a final 67 for a total of -6 and an 8th place finish was just the way I had hoped to start these three weeks out. It is my third top 10 of the year, and while I should have had many more, there are still two more tournaments to go! I am currently ranked 30th on the money list, and I am working toward at least getting in the top 25 by the end of these three weeks, so that I can bypass second stage of the LPGA qualifying school and go straight to third. However, a win in Dayton Beach would take me into the top 10, and never say never :)

Besides my life on the golf course, I have gotten to do some cool things outside the course as well. If you haven’t already checked it out, be sure to look at the Golf Digest September issue page 103-104 for a little spread I am in. They are currently working on another story I shot for, so keep an eye out ;) Play in Garden City starts tomorrow where I have a 12.55 tee time, and as always live scoring can be found on I loved every minute of playing last week and hopefully the solid game can keep it up this week at Buffalo Dunes Golf Course.

As always thanks for following!