The End of College Golf

The End of College Golf

The NCAA Central Regional ended up being my last college tournament for UNLV. The week was definitely eventful, unfortunately not in a too good way. Indiana was extremely cold the first day, coming out of the heat in Las Vegas, and a 3 hour time change made for some interesting sleeping habits during the trip. The golf course was very pretty and reminded me of home with trees and water all over. However, the environment didn’t foster the best play for me and the team. In the first round I was all over the place and ended up shooting 77. In the second round I hit the ball a lot better, but the score didn’t really reflect that, so I carded a 76.

The girls on my team did not find their game during the tournament so we were way back in the field after 2 rounds and did not really have much to play for in the final round (since the top-8 and the magic ticket to the NCAA Championship was far out of reach). However, the final day was going to be my last college round ever, so I was excited to go out and have fun and just enjoy myself. Because of the team performance we were teeing off in the afternoon, and knew that we couldn’t afford much delay if we wanted to make our flight at 10.20pm out of Chicago; a 2 hour dive away. I ended up playing 3½ holes and hit the ball well when we were all told to seek shelter because of thunder in the air. What we thought would be a quick break however, turned into a 2½ hour thunder delay before we could go back out to play. By then, with 14½ holes left, we had to hurry to finish before dark, and any hope of making the flight went down the drain.

18 holes later I finished my round at 8.40pm and had played a great round of golf with a 72 on the difficult course. That moved me up 19 spots and I ended up tied for 18th in the 126 player field, 2 strokes short of the playoff for an individual spot at the NCAA Championship. I had a great final round enjoying myself out there, and even though we did not make it to the NCAA Championship, I got the most out of it and it was definitely a good round to end my college career on.

With our missed flight, the night turned into quite the experience with dinner at 10pm, a 2 hour drive to Chicago, 2½ hours of sleep, departure for the airport at 3am, flight to Phoenix at 5am and on to Las Vegas at 7.45am. It was not the best traveling experience ever, but it was the first time that we as a team had ever missed a flight during my 4 years at UNLV, so I guess that’s a pretty good track record!

My family has come in from Denmark to spend the week with me and celebrate the big day on May 14th when I graduate from UNLV. It is crazy how fast time has flown and how these 4 years have gone by, but I have had an amazing time in college and am now looking forward to what comes after. And there are surely a lot of things to look forward to: a great summer of big amateur tournaments, the beginning of my professional career, and moving in with my boyfriend Patrick in Las Vegas :)

Thanks for all the support I have received during my time at UNLV, it has been greatly appreciated and I will definitely miss my time in college.