Stay Tuned

I try to keep my website updated, but with ‘Stay Tuned’ you have an opportunity to follow me more closely.

Twitter is deal for updates both with or without pictures, mostly about my golf endeavors, but also about my life in general. This tool is the most current with updates  coming straight from the Fairway or wherever I may be.

With Facebook I can give you updates about my golf with status updates and pictures as well. This page is primarily oriented about my game, scores during tournaments, links to new blogs on my website etc.

On Youtube I have created my own channel that you can subscribe to. That way you get updates every time I have posted a video or someone has posted a video about me. To subscribe to my Youtube channel simply go to

With RRS feed you will get a notification via email every time I make changes to my website, whether it be uploading a new blog, adding an activity, or simply change current content.


I hope you will find the above mentioned tools useful, and I am excited to get the chance to keep you more updated!