Ready for the Symetra Tour

Ready for the Symetra Tour

A perfect start to the season is hopefully a good sign for what’s to come…

As a warm up for this year’s Symetra Tour I decided to play in as many local Cactus Tour tournaments as the schedule held which included three events in a row. Having played so little last year I figured, that I could use all the tournament experience I could get. After ten great days in Florida in January, I knew that the game wasn’t far away, but still I had few expectations at the first event in Foothills.

As it turned out, I had an amazing week at the first Cactus Tour event shooting 66-67-70 (-13) to win the first tournament of the year. I held a two-stroke lead going into the final round and have previously battled with finishing out a tournament when having the lead. Therefore, being able to close out the tournament and win by one shot was a huge mental victory. Golf just felt easy and everything seemed to work, making a ton of birdies and very few mistakes, just how you would want it to be :)

The week after I was hoping the game kept up and it definitely did. At Sun City Country Club I shot 67-70-68 (-11) to win by nine shots. This was a very different victory, as it was not as mentally draining as the previous, being in the lead by so many strokes. Nonetheless, the two weeks both taught me a lot and gave me experience that will hopefully serve me well in the future.

Six rounds in a row being a combined 24 under par is something I have never tried before, and after the first two victories, I had to gather myself and play in the third Cactus Tour tournament at Wigwam this past week. Having played so well makes it hard not to have higher expectations of yourself, and instead of focusing on improving my game, as I had the previous two weeks, I got a little more critical of everything in the first round at Wigwam. I shot a round of 72 with a mixed bag of golf. I had not played bad, but not necessarily played well either. But then again if I you are unhappy about a round of 72, things are going well :)

After a talk with my coach Thomas Larsson, I realized that my focus had shifted from the previous two weeks where everything fell into place. Instead of expecting every shot to be perfect, I had to get back into the process I am in and lower my expectations. In the final two rounds, I played really well and shot two rounds of 70 for a total of 4 under par for the tournament and a 5th place finish.

In comparison to the previous two weeks, it may seem as a bad result, but I was really happy to have had this third tournament because of the experience I got. I actually played really well in the final two rounds, the only difference from before was that the putts didn’t drop quite as often as I had hoped, as I never really got comfortable on the Wigwam greens. However, still a good tournament rounding out my season start on the Cactus Tour.

With two victories and a top-5, I could not have asked for a better start to the season and for a better preparation for this year’s Symetra Tour. The Cactus Tour gave me great results but most importantly valuable experience. It is always a great feeling when your work pays off, and now I can just keep working on the game and hope that my game will stand the test on the Symetra Tour, which kicks off this week in Mesa, Arizona.

Thank you all so much for following and have a great week!

Kind regards,