Progress in Florida

Progress in Florida

Finally I had a good week on the Symetra Tour but there is still some way to go

After two weeks in Florida I am back home in the nice and warm Arizona. Florida was windy for the most part, and despite the nickname, not so sunny. The first week in Florida gave me my first decent result with a 21st place finish. It was an extremely windy experience all three days at Lake Wales Country Club, but for the first time this year on the Symetra Tour I felt really comfortable out there playing like I know I can. Because of the wind scores where higher and I was happy with my three round total of one over par. A few mistakes could have been averted including a few wrong iron choices in the strong winds, but that just left me with something to improve for the following week in Longwood.

It felt great finally finding myself in the better part of the field, which I know that I can do that more consistently, but for some reason it has been a little harder than it seems. Fueled with good confidence I went into the next week’s tournament feeling good about my game. Come the first round the wind was back again and this time on a much narrower course. From one week of hitting great shots fast-forward just five days and all of a sudden, I found myself making all sorts of mistakes that I should not make. My ball striking was a little off and I didn’t get up and down when I needed to. The result was a bad round of 76. I was two shots behind the cut line and had some serious work to do if I wanted to play on Sunday.

Saturday was my day to make a move, but just as we arrived to the course, the Sunshine State was anything but shining. A serious thunderstorm went though and play was suspended for the rest of the day. Therefore, a golf day turned into a movie day, along with some stress trying to rebook flights now that the final round was going to take place Monday instead of Sunday.

After a day of no golf I got to begin my comeback round on Sunday. Two great birdie chances that were missed and then a failed up and down attempt on my third hole for a bogey. On to the fourth hole I hit a bad drive that came very close to the Out of Bounds stakes, so close that we had to call the rules official to pull out the rope and everything. Half of an inch, that’s by how much my ball was OB so it was back to the tee and hello double bogey. Not quite how I had envisioned by comeback to the positive side of the cut line. Another short missed birdie on 5 and then followed that up with a bogey on 6, after that I was about as angry as could be. Four over par after just six holes and making that cut seemed like a farfetched goal. However, it’s never over till it’s over. I somehow pulled myself together and played the following 12 holes in three under par to make the cut! Happy days and I was feeling very good about pulling myself together like that :)

Holding on to my game of those last 12 holes I was excited to go out and make a move up the leaderboard on Monday. I didn’t play too bad, just ended up not making any putts at all. I had many good birdie chances that didn’t go in, and when I missed the green I would miss the short par putts too. Just one of those days I guess, and my move up the leaderboard was very modest with just one spot after my round of 73.

After a solid first week in Florida, it was disappointing to follow that up with a forgettable second week result. Back to my earlier comment though, sometimes it is just not as easy as it seems. Now I have three weeks off, with a local Cactus Tour event in between, and am excited to get to work on a more consistent ball striking and making some more putts. I know I am a better golfer that what my results on the Symetra Tour has been thus far, but it is still just the beginning of the year, and after a 2013 with very little golf played, I know it is just a matter of time before I will get it all together out there.

As always, thank you for following!