Onwards and Upwards

On and Upwards

A rough season start is hopefully the sign of some amazing tournaments to come!

It has been way too long since I last posted a blog in here. Unfortunately, I haven’t had that exciting news to report but good news or bad, here it comes:

In the end of March, four weeks after the season opener in Arizona, I flew to Florida to play in the Florida’s Natural Charity Classic. It was a windy experience but despite this I posted two good rounds and was inside the top-20 before the final day. Unfortunately a bad last day led to a bad overall tournament, but that is how golf works from time to time. I finished tied for 52nd and now again had another four weeks till next tournament in Sarasota Florida. That made for a long trip back to Arizona and then two weeks of grinding with practice. I am working on a lot of small but very essential changes to my swing, that I am confident will pay off in the long run. It is exciting to have something to work towards, and while the results might not show immediately, I am sure they will come.

I love living in Arizona and in the United States in general, but the down side is that I don’t get to see much of my family back in Denmark. So with four weeks off I decided to go home to Denmark for two of those, leading up to the Florida tournament. Other than seeing my family and friends I could also spend a lot of time with my Danish coach and keep on going with the swing improvements. I love Denmark, but the weather is not always favorable and a cold spring led to closed summer greens, which restricted my time spent chipping and putting. It was great being home however, and I took it all in, since I will have to wait a while till I get a chance to come back.

Monday morning of the Symetra Tour week in Sarasota I was all packed up and ready to check into my flight when I got a curveball so to say. Heading up the check-in counter for my flight I was told that there definitely was no flight going from Copenhagen to Orlando that day. A little baffled I understood that the airline apparently had sent out a text of the canceled flight, I just never got it. Alright, well if I had to be stranded somewhere for an extra day, Denmark is not my last choice. I ended up getting a great day out of it convincing my brother to do his work from home and play some golf with me instead :)

Tuesday I then got to actually board my flight and took the long way over the Atlantic to play in Florida. With the canceled flight I had one less practice round than I had hoped, and I wish I could blame that for my poor play, but that is very long stretch. Come tournament day I struggled big time converting all the work I had done on the range into tournament play. At the same time my short game suffered my limited practice in Denmark and the poor play cut the tournament one day short for me with a missed cut.

In those situations it is easy to start negotiating the whole career, though it may sound silly, but despite the bad week in Sarasota I am still really optimistic towards this season. I know I have to keep putting in a lot of hours practice and eventually the work will pay off. I am really confident in the changes I am making, and I know that my best golf is still ahead of me. For now I get to enjoy the Arizona weather for a few more days before heading to Las Vegas on Sunday for a two-day Pro-am. From there the trip goes to North Carolina where the Symetra Tour has two stops, first in Charlotte then Asheville, and finally I am going back to Vegas for my sponsor Lon Kruger’s Coaches vs. Cancer Pro-Am.  Fun weeks ahead with a lot to experience, but hopefully next time I write it will be about some good golf results as well :)