Off Season

Off Season

Christmas is closing in and with no tournaments left for the season I have been able to spend time relaxing as well as getting back into workout and practice.

The season for me ended three weeks ago and it was nice to take a little break from all the travel and tournament play. However, I never put the clubs away as I for example participated in a charity match for war veterans which was a great and very humbling experience. Other than this match I have spent a lot of time playing with friends, and it has been nice to stay in the sport without as much practice as I normally do when I am in season.

Thanksgiving arrived once again this year and it was the first time I got to spend it in Las Vegas, and it will probably also be the last. In March of next year I will be moving to Maryland which will be a big change. My boyfriend, who works at the course I practice at now (Silverstone Golf Club), has gotten a job out there as an assistant golf professional at the private club Caves Valley Golf Club. Since I will be playing on the LPGA Futures Tour and most of the tournaments are on the east coast, this works out perfect for both of us, as I will have shorter travel to most of my tournaments next year. I will also be a little closer to home :)

This last week I have started getting back to the grind of practicing on my game and I am continuing with my lessons at the Butch Harmon School of Golf. I have also been spending a lot of time in the gym to hopefully get into better shape by next year! Other than spending time in the gym and on the course, the off season is also a time to take a serious look at the sponsor aspect of my job. I am lucky to get to do this for a living, but unfortunately, traveling around playing tournaments is not cheap and I therefore have to look for all the support I can get.

Not that it is December 1st I only have 14 days left till I head home to Denmark to spend the holidays there which I am very excited about. I love Christmas time and even though it will be very cold at that time at home, it is all part of it for me :)