No LPGA This Time Around

No LPGA This Time Around

The second stage of the LPGA did not quite go as I had hoped

I left for the second stage three days before the tournament started. Sunday and Monday I was supposed to play a practice round on each of the courses we would be playing at for the tournament. 240 players competed for the top 70 sports that would give access to the third and final stage of the LPGA qualifier. Unfortunately, I was not one of the top 70 players when the four day tournament was over.

The practice rounds did not quite go as planned because of big thunderstorms rolling in over the courses. The first day I only got to play 3 holes before play was canceled for the rest of the day and I had to walk the course around to see it. On the second day, I got to play one hole on the other course before we were called in again and ended up not going out to play for another 3-4 hours. Luckily I were able to finish the round in the late afternoon, but nonetheless it had not been two ideal days of practice and play. Considering how much I had practiced before the tournament however, I felt pretty good and was excited to get started.

In the first round I started of okay but had no feel with my putter so I didn’t make any putts. Without any birdies the few mistakes I made cost me. I was hanging in there until the final 5 holes where it went completely wrong. I ended up making 4 bogeys on the final 5 holes and finished in 6 over par. I was extremely disappointed as I expected so much more out of myself and knew I had a game to play so much better than I had done. Also the score of 78 put me way back in the field with a lot of catching up to do over the next 3 rounds.

In the second round I was putting better, but once again I didn’t hit it close enough to give me good birdie chances, and it ended in a round of 74. In the last two tournaments I have played in on the Cactus Tour, I have shot rounds of 64 and 67, so I knew I was able to make lots of birdies, it just didn’t happen in Florida. Before the final two rounds I pulled myself together and stopped feeling sorry for myself, so I fought with everything I had. Especially in the final round I started hitting it a lot closer to the pin for good birdie chances, but nothing would drop. I shot 73 in my last two rounds which was not good enough to make it into the top 70, after the high first round.

It was a rough week where I had much higher expectations for myself, but wasn’t able to deliver. However, having started so poorly, I was happy that I was able to hang in there and never give up. After not making it to the final stage, I now have status on the LPGA Futures Tour for 2012. Having had a little time to digest this fact, I really don’t think it is a bad thing for me at all. I have so much experience to gain and I think it can be a really good thing for me to get to experience the professional life next year on the LPGA futures tour. Here there are fewer tournaments and they are all in the US, so it will be a good transition from my amateur career.

With no stage 3, I just have four more tournaments to play in on the Cactus Tour. After a few days break I am ready to get back into practice and get a good ending to the season!