New Name and Renewed Energy

New Name

A long overdue blog post about everything that has been going on in my life the last several months.

I can’t believe it has been almost three months since my season on the LPGA ended, and equally long since I have updated my blog. So let me get right to it with the most important thing first: on October 17th I finally got to marry my best friend for the past five years, Patrick. We had the most incredible wedding and my family and friends flew all the way from Denmark to Arizona to be part of the festivities. I have never felt so much love, and with all that love comes a new last name as well :) I am taking Patrick’s name so am now officially Therese O’Hara. Furthermore, with the new last name my website will soon be found under as I am currently working on getting everything updated.

Now back to golf. It is no secret that my rookie year on the LPGA did not live up to my own expectations. Only three made cuts and another four cuts that I missed by one single shot, definitely not what I had hoped for when I stepped up on the big stage back in February. However, I have had a lot of learning to do and as much as other people can give you advise and try to help, some things you simply have to experience on your own body. It took me a few tournaments to feel normal and relaxed out there and when I finally got to that point and had a few good weeks, my game suddenly went south. I struggled all summer with my swing and found myself in a rut I couldn’t get out of that easily. Finally, after a few weeks off, I got back on track, but by that time I was running out of tournaments.

While the game actually felt great at the end of August, I needed to take a mental break from golf and spend some time home. It is funny, because I have seen colleagues making it to the LPGA in the past, having a rough rookie year and then quitting golf, and I remember thinking to myself what a shame because they were so close. However, having gone through it personally this year I now get it. I had the most amazing experience playing on the LPGA and enjoyed every moment to the fullest, but not getting the results you want and missing cuts is mentally exhausting. Trying your best and putting in the work to not see any reward is like a slap in the face, and then I am not even talking about all the people you feel like you are letting down as well. After the season ended, I would lie if I said I never thought I maybe should be doing something else, and that I simply wasn’t good enough. But to put things in perspective I made it onto the biggest tour in the world for women’s golf, and naturally what made me get by fine on the Symetra Tour was not always going to cut it on the LPGA Tour.

Regardless of the outcome of the year, I never stopped loving golf. On the contrary. I have experienced what it is like to play among the best in the world and it has confirmed that this is what I want to do with my life. The experiences I have had this year have been incredible, playing in front of big crowds, traveling the world, playing some amazing courses, signing tons of autographs, and laughing my heart out every week with my caddie. Now after the much needed break in September, getting married in October and then getting back into practice and competitive play in November has been just what I needed to find some new energy and get excited about the upcoming qualifying school where I will get a chance to earn back my status for 2016.

A few weeks ago, I played in the Arizona Women’s Open and won the tournament despite not having played since August and having some rust that I definitely needed to shed. It was great to get some confirmation in the fact that I at times do actually know what I am doing on the golf course :) Since then I have been practicing hard to be fully prepared for qualifying school December 2nd through 6th. You never know what will happen there, but I want to make sure that the preparations are up to par, and then you just have to hope the putts drop.

As a final note, I want to thank everyone who has followed me along this year, cheered on me even when things weren’t going well. I owe the biggest thanks to my sponsors who in essence have made it possible for me to live this dream with the financial support I have received. I am working hard to make sure 2015 is just the first of hopefully many years on the LPGA Tour. You cannot predict the future but I have so many things to be thankful for, my husband, my family, my health, and being able to chase my dream.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!