New Exciting Partnerships

New Exciting Partnerships

I am very happy to announce my new partnership with Urban Produce.

I wanted to share the good news of a partnership I have started with a new and innovative company called Urban Produce. Urban Produce is a vertical growing system, which serves as an alternative to traditional agriculture, growing all organic greens with advanced technologies in a controlled indoor environment. The company grows produce vertically in a rotating greenhouse, which makes it possible to distribute light, air, and water equally for a much higher yield. Basically, they are capable of producing greens in 1/8th the amount of space as regular agriculture because the greens grow vertically, making the environmental footprint much smaller. The company is really going to change the way we look at farming, and for much more information on what they do check out

As an athlete, I am very aware of what I fuel my body with, so I always strive to eat healthy and as organically as I can. An issue with today’s nutrition is the abundance of chemical fertilizers and pesticides we put in our body through our food, with little regard to effects of this. Therefore, I am very happy about aligning myself with an organic company that not only provides healthy food, but also contributes to the environment in a cost-saving manner.

I will carry the Urban Produce logo on my new Antigua shirts all year long, as well as the logo of another company that I have partnered with, the healthcare company Health Insurance Geeks. This is another great and rapidly growing company that provides individuals and businesses with the health insurance they need. You can find more information about them at

A big thank you to my sponsors for wanting to help me pursue my dreams. Feeling good in the right clothes supported by great companies will hopefully lead to lots of birdies and great results this year :)