Mid-Season Update

Mid-Season Update

We are half way through the season and I am feeling very optimistic

This week the tour is in Battle Creek, Michigan. Meanwhile I am home in Phoenix loving the decision of taking this week off to practice and be at home after a long five weeks on the road. While it may not sound that tiresome, traveling every week, different place, different course, different bed, along with the hours spent playing and practicing, it can really wear on your body. By the fifth week in North Carolina, I was spent and could tell that just one week at home before heading out for four more, simply would not be enough. Therefore, I decided to take one more week off and get some time to practice before heading out on tour for three weeks in the Midwest.

During my first ‘off’ week here in Arizona, I survived 36 holes in 108-degree weather while trying to qualify for the US Open. Unfortunately, I ended up with two shots too many in +1, but it was a fun experience. Now having taken a few days off golf I am excited to practice hard again, and can feel that the decision of staying home an extra week, was a good one!

Despite some very varying results these last five weeks on the road, and really throughout the season, my game feels better than ever. Looking back over the last five weeks I have in three of those either been leading or in second place after the first round. I have never been that consistently at the top of the leaderboard and it has been a lot of fun and great learning experience. The fact that I have only converted that to one top-5 finish is the backside, and where I need to improve, but I choose to look at it in a very positive way. Getting myself in a position to win is the first part of the equation, and I have proved I am capable of that, now I just have to solve the second part of that equation.

Of other improvements made, I have over the past few weeks had some issues with my putter that have disappointed me in the second and/or third round of tournaments. However, I finally feel like I have turned it around and my putting feels really solid again. Now it just comes down to improving mentally, and getting comfortable leading tournaments. Golf is a funny game in a sense that the pressure you sometimes unintentionally put on yourself can really get in the way of your performance. I hope that I have learned my lesson by now and will get a chance to redeem myself in the coming weeks, with more pictures to follow like the ones below,- after Sunday :)

All the best,