Michigan with a hint of Whistling Straits

Whistling Straits

This week I competed in Harris, Michigan for my 6th tournament on the Symetra Tour. I didn’t quite bring the game I had hoped to, but never the less it was a decent week on tour.

Starting out in my first round on Sweetgras Golf Club I was hitting the ball decent but my game was just that – decent. Hit some good shots but also got myself in to trouble. Luckily with some long made putts I was able to save a round in par. I didn’t feel like it had been a particularly great round, but after the first day I found myself just 2 shots off the lead. I was very happy when realizing that, because that to me is a sign that my bottom level has improved. When I am at my best it is typical for me to post decent numbers without feeling that my game is good, so I am continually moving in the right direction I feel :)

The second day the task was clear: hit the ball closer to the pin and not having to rely on long putts to save the round. However, right from the start I was not ready mentally. My mind just wasn’t quite there and in that regard golf is very unlike any other job. If you go to work slightly out of balance or not focused enough, it will cost you on the bottom line. After just 5 holes I was 4 over par and extremely frustrated. I was so mad at myself for letting something irrelevant and uncontrollable affect my game, but this venture keeps being a learning experience. After my horrendous start I was able to fight my way back to 2 over par. All until the 18th hole came around the corner and brought me a double bogey to finish my round in 76.

After my bad day at the office Saturday it was out to redeem myself on the final day and advance in the field. I did grind out there and played pretty flawlessly, but was just missing that last 1% to make it really good. I made 13 pars until I finally got the birdie on the 14th hole. A round in 71 was the final result for the day and I moved a little up the leaderboard to tie for 29th.

Even though the event and course was amazing, it wasn’t a tournament that result-wise will go over in history for me. Weirdly, that is exactly why I can consider it a good event. I didn’t feel like I played great but still finished in the top-30, so I am happy to see that type of improvement with my game. I am on the right track and just need to keep working hard and the results will follow.

After Sundays round I drove down to Kohler, Wisconsin with my friend Jessica and her sister. We were set for a tee time at Whistling Straits Monday early morning before heading to the airport. The course was amazing and there were some amazing views of Lake Michigan (a picture of the course is shown above). It definitely made an ordinary travel day into something special!

Now I have two weeks off until the season gets busy with six tournaments in a row! I have never before played that much in a row, so it will be a good challenge. For the next couple of days I am excited to celebrate 4th of July in the US for the first time in my life, so bring on the fireworks :)