Medical Update

Medical Update

After two months with an injured back it is finally time for some great progress

It has been awhile now since I last wrote a blog, and back then I had just started physical therapy and hoped for a speedy recovery. I went to treatment three times a week, and after the first weeks improvement the therapist suggested I went out for a short practice to get some feedback on how the healing was going. Capable of bending over at the waist, which I couldn’t do the first month, I practiced ten minutes of short wedge shots and then another fifteen minutes of putting. The feedback I got from this short practice session was not good however. The next day I could hardly move without getting sharp pain in my lower back. Once again everything was hard and it set me back perhaps a few extra weeks. From this point on I made sure to take it easy on my back and not try to do anything too strenuous.

A few weeks later I got another less severe setback when making just one wrong move, but at least I healed faster the second time around. After five long and boring weeks I finally got to see the spine surgeon again, a week and a half ago. Two months of no golf, which essentially means no job, has seemed like an eternity for me, but in terms of a spine injury, the doctor told me that two months is actually not that long at all. There is no quick fix to this injury but at least I had gotten to the point where I was not in pain. Based on my progress the doctor felt that I now could do all the back exercises on my own, so I got relieved of physical therapy.

While spending a lot of time in the gym which has been going great, I also started slowly putting and chipping home on the carpet. After a week or so of this I decided that two days ago was finally the time to take it to the course and see how the back would hold up, sticking with the short game only. Considering the backlash I got last time I tried golfing, I was nervous about how it would go. Afterwards however, I felt completely fine, and more importantly even the next day my back felt great.

Naturally I am beyond excited to be able to go back out on the course again, and have been now three days in a row! Being away from it for so long, I truly realize how much I love it. It may be a slow process where every day I will try to do just a little longer swings and for a little longer time, but I am just excited to be back out there again :)

In regards to the rest of the season the update is not as positive. Having only played in three tournaments this year and missing the rest of the season, I am not ranked high enough on the Symetra Tour money list to avoid first stage of LPGA qualifying school, held at the end of August. To think that I will be able to compete in a month, and let alone perform on a top level, is unfortunately a little unrealistic. Therefore, I have had to make the tough decision of not trying to qualify for the LPGA tour this year. I hoping to get to play the last two tournaments of the season in September but will then have to request a medical exemption from the Symetra Tour. That way I can hopefully keep my status from this year carrying over to the next. It is really unfortunate but completely out of my control, so I am staying positive and just really excited about my latest progress.

Despite this year in a golf sense being quite the ‘waste’, I am sure the reward will come in the long run. At least being able to golf with no pain is something that I will never take for granted again.