Making My Way

Making my way

Home tournament in Phoenix, a week in California, next stop Hawaii, and finally got to prove to myself that I can play along for the weekend.

It took me three events on tour to finally make it to the weekend. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and for every missed cut, I have had some great learning experiences, and mentally I was feeling more and more comfortable. At home in Phoenix during the JTBC Founders Cup I really struggled with my long game in the first round, with misses that weren’t near good enough. It was amazing playing at home with family and friends coming out, so obviously I was disappointed to not be performing my best.

Despite the bad first round, I was happy to have my fiancé Patrick come out on Thursday, and after the round he made sure I didn’t leave the range until I got that clubface more open, and was rid of the bad misses. I had nothing to lose the following day, so went out with that technical focus and wanted to find something that I could take with me the following week. The swing change I had to make felt very uncomfortable, but it worked wonders and I knew I had something I could keep working on.

In California the following week I knew that my focus had to be almost 100% technical in order to make the changes that I wanted to, and that focus seemed to work very well. I know that you are not supposed to think about the cut line, but being a rookie that is easier said than done, so to finally get over that hurdle felt pretty good :)

With the swing adjustments, my iron game was a million times better than the previous week, and with a hot putter on the second day, I was in -5 and in the top-20 before the weekend. I had so much fun playing both Saturday and Sunday, and felt calm out there and able to just focus on my game. Both rounds of even par deserved to be a lot better, but a few putts didn’t drop and that’s golf sometimes. It was a great week, and it was nice to prove to myself that I have what it takes. Now I just have to improve on that and keep learning along the way.

I have been home for almost two weeks now with lots of good practice, and on Saturday, I leave for Hawaii! In other words, absolutely no complaints from here ;) The schedule really picks up now, so I have to get ready for a lot of weeks on the road and hopefully a ton of amazing memories along the way!

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