LPGA Bound


After an amazing week, I achieved the biggest accomplishment of my career so far, qualifying for the LPGA Tour with full status for 2015.

It is less than a week ago, since a holed 5-foot putt on the 18th hole sealed the deal after five long days of golf in Florida. An 11th place finish in -5 and a category 12 status on the LPGA Tour for next year. It was a week I definitely won’t forget, and having my brother Martin on the bag, who was a tremendous help all week, made the moment even better. In my kitchen at home in Arizona, I write down my weekly schedule along with goals I have on a whiteboard; – and in the top right corner in a big circle it reads ‘LPGA 2015 – Olympics 2016’. I still can’t believe that I get to write a big swoosh besides the first one! It is such a dream come true to get to compete on the biggest golf stage in the world, and despite a somewhat mediocre year on the Symetra Tour, after a back injury the year prior, I have felt more and more confident in my own ability to take the next step.

There are many people whom I owe big thanks to, and without whom I perhaps wouldn’t get the opportunity I have today. My parents and my brother have always followed and supported me every step of the way. Whether I am having a good or a bad tournament, they are happy as long as I am happy with what I am doing. My brother got us all started with this amazing game, and I have loved it ever since.

I joined my club Søllerød Golf Club at 11 years old and was quickly taken under the wing of my club pro Christian Post who guided me though golf as a junior, and grew my love for the game. I have always felt at home at Søllerød, and despite the geographical distance that makes it hard to visit often, I have always appreciated all the support I have gotten from my home club.

At 16 years of age I was elected for the Danish National Team, and the opportunities the Danish Golf Union have provided for me are unmeasurable. I have traveled to two world championships in Australia and Argentina, several tournaments in the US, all over Europe for various tournaments. Ever since joining the National Team in 2004 and to this day, I have worked closely with my coach Thomas Larsson who has been an amazing coach, mentor, and a great friend. I cannot thank the Danish Golf Union enough for everything they have done for me, and I would never have made it to the US to play college golf, let alone turn professional, if it wasn’t for them.

After four great years at UNLV, I decided to turn professional and I will never forget the people who were there from the beginning. Lon Kruger, former basketball coach and UNLV, and now basketball coach at Oklahoma University have been there for me, from the moment I first met him my senior year. Over the past three years with ups and downs, he has always had my best interest at heart, supported me, and believed in me. I have never met as kind and unselfish a person as Lon, and I will always remember the support I have received from him and his family. Also, big thanks to Scott and Cindi Til Godino, whom I met though Lon, and who have never wavered in their support, even through a year of back injury.

Without sponsors to help me pay for this adventure I am on, life would be a lot more difficult. Therefore, I am extremely grateful for the help of my sponsors this year, Rosie and Ed Horton with Urban Produce, who is like family to my fiancé and I. Chris and Erika Efthymiou who’s company logo Health Insurance Geeks, I have been carrying on my clothes all year as well. Chris was a volunteer caddie for me in Charlotte, NC during a Symetra Tour event, and I find it amazing that he believed in me enough to help cover my expenses on tour this year. There are too many to mention, but I owe a huge thanks to all the volunteer caddies I have had on the Symetra Tour, along with all the housing families that have let me be part of their family for a week while the tour was in town. It is incredible how many amazing people I have met these past three years, and I will definitely stay in touch with a lot of them. I also owe thanks to ECCO and Anitgua who have made me look and feel great on the course all year long.

Finally, I am so grateful for my fiancé Patrick, who have supported me through thick and thin over the past 4 and a half years. No matter if I have had a good round or bad, he is always proud of me and happy that I am out here chasing my dream, even though it means a lot of weeks away on the road. It is safe to say that I probably wouldn’t be pursuing this dream in America, if it wasn’t for him. Obviously, I am very subjective but he is the most amazing person and an extremely talented golf instructor. He helped me immensely with my swing getting ready for the LPGA qualifying tournament, as well as countless other times.

That was a whole lot of thanking, and I am sure the list will just grow over time. However, it is incredible after achieving a life goal, to look back at all the people that helped make it possible for me.

Now a new and exciting time awaits, and though I am a little anxious, I feel ready. The next few months will be spent looking for sponsors to help cover the increased expenses, and from then on, it is simply going to be about enjoying the ride and playing my own game. I can’t wait for a great year ahead!

Thanks for the support,