Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

It has been a rough few weeks on tour with my game, but I am working hard to turn it all around for the last third of the season.

This far along in the season I definitely didn’t expect to have my best result so far on tour be all the way back in March, but golf rarely goes exactly how you want it. I can’t remember the last time I have struggled as much and as for so long with my ball striking, and I am sure I have in the past but it just seems amplified on the LPGA Tour. On the Symetra Tour, I knew that even when I was not playing well I would still make the cuts, out here however it’s a different story. It has been a rough stretch of tournaments with 5 missed cuts, where I have been searching really hard for something to work in the swing and coming up short every time. However, despite missing the cut in Arkansas three weeks ago, that was actually a positive tournament for me with my ball striking, and having two weeks off following that, provided a much needed break.

In these two weeks, I have been working on the swing, spending time in the gym, and gotten time to relax and recharge the batteries. While the game has been frustrating, I can honestly say that I have loved the challenge of my rookie year so far. I am relaxed and having fun on the course even when I’m not posting the scores that I want. It is definitely not easy, but it’s an experience I wouldn’t be without. I am so thankful to have people around me that still support me and believe in me.

Happy and refreshed after the break I am ready for a new stretch of tournaments starting in Ohio. Everything in life is up and down, and as for my golf, I think it’s time to get on that up-slope again :) The year has flown by and been such an amazing ride, and I am going to fight hard to end it on that high note.

All the best,