I Made It!

After a long week in Florida I qualified to 2nd stage of the LPGA Qualifier

So this week turned out to be a lot harder than I expected. It was the first stage of the LPGA Qualifier and with 150 participants I had to make the top 50 after the four rounds in Daytona Beach to make it to the 2nd stage. I flew in from Denmark Saturday night and was ready for my practice rounds Sunday and Monday. Luckily my boyfriend was able to be with me for a couple of days so that I wouldn’t have to spend my first trip all alone. After the two rounds in the heat and countless emptied bottles of water, I was ready to tee off for the first round Tuesday morning.

I have played so many tournaments and have a lot of experience from being an amateur, but still this was something different, so I was a little nervous I must admit. Even though I went in to it convincing myself that this was just another tournament, I knew it wasn’t. A lot depended on making though this tournament, because then at least I would be sure to have some status on the LPGA Futures Tour which would take some pressure away. Needless to say it was a tough mental challenge to play freely, knowing what was on the line. Especially because I hit the ball the way I did.

In the first round I struggled a little in the beginning but got it back to a 73, 1 over par. I was actually a bit surprised over the low scores and had my work cut out for me the next day, where I had to be in the top 70 to make the cut. It did not help that I hit it bad on the second day as well. After a long delay because of thunder we were sent back out on the course but quickly got pulled off again. Turned out the weather was not in our favor, so I would have to go home and play my last 2 holes the next morning. At that point I was 1 over par and knew that the two holes in the morning could be pretty crucial.

The next morning I felt good about my swing but on my first hole I 3 putted, so there was definitely a lot of pressure on my final hole, knowing that I would probably have to make a par or better to make the cut. Luckily I was able to get my par and made the cut which was a big relief. Heading in to the third round that same day my start of the round was anything but great. I was 4 over par after 7 holes and was extremely disappointed in myself. Thinking I had little chance of making it to the 2nd stage, still I somehow I managed to pull myself together. I was 4 under par on my last 10 holes and ended the round in even par 72! Just one more round in par or better I would make it. In the 4th round I played great and had a lot of good birdie chances but didn’t really make any of them. With three holes left I was 1 under par and if I could just keep my head cool I would be golden. I hadn’t missed many greens that day but did on my last three holes and had to make some good putts to save par. Luckily I did. I finished the long week with a round in 1 under par and was sure to make it to stage 2! Turned out I make the cut by 4 shots, but I had no clue about this out there.

I am so happy that the week ended well. It was a long and hard week and I was pretty drained after. It has been a really long summer full of golf and traveling and now I am excited about being back in Las Vegas and able to take some time off. After a few days away from golf I am going to start preparing for the end of September where I luckily can look forward to the 2nd stage of the LPGA Qualifier. Next event will be on a mini tour in Arizona called the Cactus Tour in the end of August.

That was it for me as an amateur! Next time I will play it will be as a professional which is going to be really exciting.