Home at Hillendale

Home at Hillendale

Since my last blog I have found a new home course in Maryland, traveled home to Denmark, and I am now in Mexico to play my second tournament on the Symetra Tour. So I have some updating to do!

After coming back from my last tournament in Florida, the search continued for a course that would be willing to let me use their practice facilities. Coming across the country from Las Vegas, it naturally took some time, so I was extremely happy when the head pro of Hillendale Country Club, Bill Gombert allowed me to use the clubs facilities to work on my game. The club is a beautiful place with great practice facilities and friendly members, so I am very grateful for their help with my career. Furthermore, the director of golf at Hillendale CC is the President of the PGA, Allen Wronowski, who has extended me a warm welcome to the club, so I am excited to really get started at my new home club in Maryland.

Even though my practice facilities are now great, doesn’t necessarily mean the game always follows. After coming home from Florida, I didn’t feel that confident with my swing, and I felt like I needed to see my coach Thomas, back in Denmark. Also, moving out here to Maryland has been a great decision and I am very happy that we did, but it sure turned the familiar world a little upside down. Patrick has been working longer hours compared to Las Vegas which is great, but also something I need to get used to. With everything thing out here still being very new, and without knowing many people, I got a little homesick over Easter. At the same time, my sponsor Lon Kruger, who is the former UNLV head basketball coach, has some exciting plans for me in May, a time I otherwise was expecting to visit Denmark in. Therefore, with all of this adding up, the time seemed perfect to go home to Denmark.

I booked a flight Easter Sunday, and two days later I was home with my family in Denmark. What made my trip home even more exciting was that my brother and I conspired, not to tell my parents about my new impulsive travel plans home, so the look on their faces when they saw me were priceless (all captured on video for our amusement :) ). I got to spend nine days at home and loved the time with my family, my friends, and also the fact that I was able to work hard with my coach. Two full days were spent on gatherings with the Danish National Team where I got to see all of my Danish teammates/’colleagues’, which was a lot of fun. Then my coach also made time to work with me for around nine hours over my last three days in Denmark, to really get my swing back in to shape. In other words it was nine productive days at home.

I flew back to Maryland on Friday the 20th and spent two days with Patrick, and then Monday early morning the bags were packed once again, this time for Mexico! Having worked with my coach in Denmark I feel more confident with my game and I am excited to play again. Plus, Mexico isn’t the worst place to be, with the resort being right on the beach in Nuevo Vallarta. Tournament play begins Friday of this week, and I am excited to see what the tournament brings.