Here Comes the Pro Life

After a little break I am looking forward to my first tournament as a professional

Soon it has been a month since i made it through first stage of the LPGA qualifier, and a lot of changes have followed. Right after Florida I moved up to North Las Vegas and then really needed a break from golf. The summer was hectic with lots of traveling and not much free time so I enjoyed a couple of weeks without too much golf.

After those couple of weeks I started picking up practice again and have now slowly gotten back into shape. Even though the game is the same, it seems like much has changed. Now golf is my job as I am turning pro on September 1st, and that is actually a bigger change than I expected. I have spent my whole life around schedules of some sort, a time to go to classes or practice, and all of a sudden it’s all on me. It is definitely different not having anyone telling me when or what to do and it is something I will have to get used to for sure. I feel like I am in a great place right now though and after some weeks of just a lot of practice I am now starting to look forward to my upcoming tournament. It will be a tournament on the Cactus Tour and it will be my first tournament as a professional!

It will be exciting to test my game against other professional girls and the tournament should also better prepare me for the second stage of the LPGA qualifying in the end of September. My coach Thomas Larsson from Denmark has also scheduled a trip over here in the middle of September for some intense days of practice so I am super excited about that! For now more practice calls so I can get completely ready for next week’s tournament – my first professional one :)