Go time in Ireland

I barely got to take a breather in Denmark before I was heading to Northern Ireland, the day after I returned from the US. As it turns out, we were in for quite the trip as we left Copenhagen airport Saturday to go play the British Ladies Amateur Championship. I was with my teammates Charlotte, Sara, and the ladies national coach Leif. With a layover in London we nearly missed the flight to Ireland, accidentally haven bypassed an extra security screening, but we made it and everything was good – at least we thought so. As we arrived in Ireland, we found that Sara’s luggage was missing and the rental car was booked to another airport! An hour later we were able to get one of the last big cars at out airport and headed to Portrush, the town in which the championship was going to be held. We arrived at the doorstep of our hotel around 11pm slightly drained, but everything was closed. When calling the phone number and ringing the doorbell failed we banged on the door which finally gave some results, however not very good ones. The owner of the hotel ran down and started to yell at us for not being there before 9pm etc. We apologized for not knowing but the man told us that it wasn’t good enough for him and he shut the door in our face, letting us know we would not be staying there anymore. So it was definitely an interesting start to our Irish adventure!

A little chocked over the situation, – being kicked out of the hotel before we even crossed the doorstep – we went to the golf club to figure out the situation. An hour or so later we were finally able to settle at a hotel for the night, and had already worked out accommodations for the rest of the week. The nicest lady we met at the golf club that night had an available apartment overlooking the course which made up for some of the bad luck we had experienced.

Now we have completed two practice rounds on the beautiful links course, Royal Portrush Golf Club, and I am ready to go out on my first round at 1.26pm today. We haven’t seen much of the blue sky as it has rained most of the time we have been here and it is expected to keep on raining the rest of the week. As I am writing this and looking outside it is raining heavily so it will definitely be a wet experience today. I have still been struggling a little with my swing but Leif has been helping me out, so hopefully I will be able to figure it out today on the course. It has been a month since last tournament so I am really excited to get out and play again! Hopefully it will be a good beginning to the rest of the summer.