Finishing the Season in Style

Finishing the Season in Style

I ended my season on the Symetra Tour in a good manner with a 67.

With just three weeks left on the tour, I wanted to finish in a good manner. While I didn’t get the top-result I had hoped for, I can still say that I finished on a high note. In North Carolina I had a decent week after a couple of weeks off golf, and finished tied for 30th. The week after in Georgia I played well for two days, but the last one cost me and I ended tied for 38th. Then finally in Daytona Beach, the last tournament for of the season I managed to shot a great round of 67 (-5) on the final day to move me up tied for 22nd.

Overall that got me to a position as number 26 on the money list for the year, and number 3 on the Rookie of the Year list. I managed to make every single cut on tour this year, and that is definitely something I can be very proud of; out of the over 200 players on the Symetra Tour, only one other player managed to make every cut as well. I have learned so much out on tour this year, but still have so much to learn. Most importantly, have definitely realized that this is what I want to do, and I am excited for what is yet to come. I feel like I can be very happy with my first year on the Symetra Tour, but I also know that I have a long way to go with my game. Nonetheless I am really motivated to work hard during the off season, and then it will be fun see how far I can take it.

With my season being done on the Symetra Tour it is almost time to take a little time off. First however, comes second stage of the LPGA qualifying school taking place in Venice, Florida next week. Ending with a 67 in my last competitive round, I feel very good about my game going into this qualifying school. I played it last year and therefore know what I am heading into, so I am hoping for a good result :)

When I finish second stage I can finally take a little time off from all the traveling. I am really looking forward to be home for a while and spend time with my boyfriend Patrick. Also, I will be spending just one more week in Maryland, as we are moving to Scottsdale, Arizona for the off season. Patrick got a seasonal job in Scottsdale, and I get to spend the winter in some great golfing weather, so it is definitely a win win and I am excited about the move :) We will then return to Maryland around May of 2013.

There is a lot of exciting stuff happening ahead, and I feel great about it. It is crazy for me to look back and see where I was mentally just half a year ago. I was really stressed and nervous about how it would be on tour, how I would compare in the field, and how I would be able to afford it. Everything however, has come together and it has all worked out. I feel so much stronger now that I was at the beginning of the season, and no matter what happens at qualifying school, I can safely say that it has been a good season!

Thanks so much to everyone that has followed me and supported me. It means much more than I can ever explain, and the encouragement is very much appreciated.

All the best,