Finishing 4th in Hawaii

Finishing 4th in Hawaii

Therese secured her seventh consecutive top-10 on a tough and windy golf course in Honolulu. Finishing fourth in a field of 108 she hit her form yet again, and the future is looking bright.

Many Hawaiian residents would argue that wind speeds of up to 18 mph makes for good surfing conditions, but for Therese and the other golfers at Dr. Donnis Thompson Invitational, it was quite the opposite. As the balls blew right and left so did the scores, in a tournament where +10 equalled top-10 and +3 put you in the medals. Not exactly the welcome she and her teammates at UNLV had hoped for.

“On Monday when we played the first two rounds, there was only a little sea breeze as the course was right out to the ocean. That breeze however, was much appreciated because of the high temperatures. On the second day the wind picked up a lot and was quite the challenge, especially on those ocean holes where the wind made for a 2 to 3 club difference when you had to hit your shot. It mad the course a lot harder, with already small greens and tough Bermuda rough around them”, she explains.

Despite the adversity of the weather, Therese came through with rounds of 74-74-73 (+5) to secure the 4th place. Final day was moving day for the team as well as they gained an impressive 20 shots on the field and likewise finish fourth, making for a happy ending at the picturesque Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course.

“It was good to finish strong on the final day and I really felt like my game was heading in the right direction. So it is a great starting point for me, and if my putting can improve I am sure good results will ensue. Mentally I need to work hard to be sure I am in the moment, so still have some work ahead of me before it feels like the fall season. I really like how my game has been developing over these last three tournaments though so I am excited to keep on playing.”

Next up is The Battle at Rancho Bernardo in California, which begins this Sunday. You can follow that tournament here, and as always Therese will keep you update through blogs and twitter.