Finally Getting that Win!

Finally Getting that Win

I have been dealing with my virus, caught a cold, and also managed to get my left shoulder hurt. And after feeling like my body was shutting down on me, I was luckily able to play and actually win Conference with a solid 68 in the final round :) So I am extremely happy right now!!

Heading into this tournament I had not hit a full shot in a week, and as I was warming up for the practice round on Wednesday my left shoulder started to hurt extremely bad. I still don’t know what is wrong with it, perhaps an inflamed muscle or a pinched nerve, but it has bothered me the whole week. I haven’t been able to really swing through but tried my best to ignore it during the rounds, which I guess worked out really well. Especially in the final round I hit the ball really well and made the putts I needed to. I feel like I have been very close to winning tournaments my entire senior year, so to finally wrap it up and getting that win is such a great feeling. It is also great to be able to end my time at UNLV in this fashion.

The team had a great tournament as well. We ended up in 2nd place which wasn’t what we set out to, leading before the final round. However, we played well in the final round, TCU just played better on the day. At least we are heading in the right direction before NCAA Regionals.

Other than winning the tournament, this event brought even more with it. On Thursday night’s banquet I was announced the Mountain West Conference Player of the Year which was a great honor. I also received the awards for my 3 times Player of the Month, as well as All-Conference Team. So I am packing some extra luggage home :)

This has been an amazing week and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for all the support I have received!