Double Victory at the MWC Championship

Double Victory at MWC Championship

Therese finished the Mountain West Conference (MWC) Championship in 1st place, the culmination of a long streak of top performances. With nine consecutive top-10 finishes out of nine tournaments, she managed to close the deal and finish the tournament on the absolute top, despite of illness and a sore shoulder. Furthermore, her consistent good results during her senior year at UNLV also lead to the title of Player of the Year 2011 in her conference.

Following a lot of close calls during the spring season, Therese was finally able to lift the trophy at the Mountain West Conference Championship. And as if that wasn’t enough she was also recognized as Player of the Year. With the conclusion of the regular season the ending could hardly be better:

It’s been an incredible week where I despite of a hurting shoulder was able to get that victory. I’ve been close several times during my year as a senior, but never was able to get the job done. To finally be able to close a tournament and finish with a round 68 feels really good. I’m very happy to complete my time here at UNLV in this manner before post season begin with NCAA Regionals and Nationals. This was my fourth victory playing for UNLV, which is a record at the school, so I am definitely happy with that.

The path to victory came in the form of rounds of 70-71-68 (-7) on the Wigwam Resort Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona, four shots ahead of the competition. Therese set off to shaky start though:

Due to my shoulder, I wasn’t able to hold the finish during my swing, so I don’t think I won any points for style. I played rocky in the first round, not having practiced for a week up to the tournament, but luckily I finished the last three holes with eagle, birdie, birdie so that helped on the score. The final round went a lot better as I hit solid shots all 18 holes and made the putts I needed to make.

The team didn’t maintain the first place they had held through the first two rounds, and were overtaken by TCU on the final day despite playing well. While this was a big goal for the team “TCU just played better on the day”, Therese concluded. Still, she’s thrilled about the individual victory and not least the award:

To receive the MWC Player of the Year award has been a goal from the very start and it was a great feeling to finally receive the title. I’ve worked hard all year and it is satisfying to see that the efforts have paid off. I think that my level of golf today is much higher than it was just a year ago and I feel ready to soon compete amongst professionals. As for now, I need to see the doctor and get my shoulder back into shape, so I can prepare for NCAA Regionals in early May.