After a bad start I had a great comeback and finished in 3rd place in the first event on the Grasshopper Tour.

Coming off my win from last week, I knew my game was in shape. Therefore, I was excited to play in my first event on the brand new Grasshopper Tour at Seville Golf Club. However, when day one came around that excitement seemed to be gone. For some reason, I just couldn’t find myself in the right mental state off the first tee. After 5 holes I was two over par and struggling to get into tournament mode. To make matters worse, on the 6th hole, I somehow made a bad movement when I hit the ball, and I hurt my back. A muscle was probably swollen and pushed a nerve in my back, which as it sounds, wasn’t very comfortable. I fought through it though, but in the end of the round it started affecting my swing more as I couldn’t quite swing through the ball. A disappointing round of 77 was the result of the day.

Even though it would be easy to blame the bad round on a sore back, I just wasn’t in the right playing mood from the beginning, which probably is the real reason for my high score. Needless to say, there was some serious work to do the next two days. But luckily, my game and tournament mode kicked back into gear. On the second day I shot a one under 71 in the high winds, which moved me up the leaderboard. Finally, on the third day I finished the tournament with a 69, to get to a 3rd place finish!

With that awful start of 5 over, I was very happy to finish the tournament in 1 over total after two great finishing rounds in the windy conditions. Naturally, there will be bad days out there, and it is just good to know that I have the ability to bounce back after that. Also, the last day’s 69 marked the third round in 69 in just six rounds, so I am definitely happy with that!

Now unfortunately, I will have some time till I play in another tournament. The Symetra Tour starts in the end of March, but with my current status I am not 100% sure to get into the first tournament (which is typically tough to get into, with everyone being eager to start the season). I have sent in my membership fee and tournament fees, and now just have to hope for the best.

Meanwhile however, I won’t be bored. On February 29th my boyfriend Patrick and I are making the move to the east coast. This means packing up everything here, and saying goodbye to everyone I have known for the past four years. We will take a trailer and make the drive across country (a 5 day venture at least). I am really excited for the move though, as I have heard so many great things about Maryland. I cannot wait to actually see the season’s change, and to live in a place that will probably remind me of Denmark. I will be sure to keep you all updated on the move through Facebook and Twitter.

All the best till then,