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This past week has been an unusual one in many ways. Coming home from Half Moon Bay I was still feeling bad, and went to the doctor the next day. He had me get back on antibiotics and take a blood test. Unfortunately the blood test later revealed that I have mono (mononucleosis also known as kissing disease). So this definitely explained why I have not been feeling great for a while. Basically this is a virus that just needs to go away by itself, and unfortunately this can take some time, up to several months. It has made my throat hurt like crazy and is draining my body so I am feeling really tired. Other not so fun side effects are that my organs are a little irritated/swollen, which causes all sorts of things in my back where I have had problems with my shoulders and neck. The doctor gave me the option of playing or leaving my clubs on the shelf for the next 4 weeks. However, not playing golf for a month was not an option for me, so I am back on the road, this time in Phoenix for the Mountain West Conference Championship.

Since I came back from California my throat has slowly stopped the swelling and I have been feeling better. I have been told not to do any physical activities for the next 4 weeks, which is going to be extremely hard for me, but I guess I have to take care of my body first. With the bad news of the diagnosis however, came a great weekend. It was my best friend’s wedding so I got to be by her side as a bridesmaid during the big day. It was a very fun wedding and I even got to make my boyfriend a little nervous as I caught the bouquet :) Sunday naturally was spent watching the Masters all day with lots of friends.

Now I am back on the road with the team and excited to get to touch a club again. I am feeling good considering everything and looking forward to todays practice round. Hopefully I can play a little on the routine and take home that trophy :)