Back on Track

Back on Track

Having watched from the sidelines for a full season I cannot wait to once again competing full time on the Symetra Tour.

It has been awhile since I last wrote a blog, but it has been a great fall, where I am feeling all healthy with my back again and have gotten to travel quite a bit. After the Cactus Tour tournament in September, I went on a vacation to Thailand where I met up with my family. My mom had earned a weeklong trip to Bangkok and Hua Hin with her work, so my brother and I joined her and extended the trip with another week by some of the most amazing beaches in the world. We had an incredible trip and after two week’s I got to come home to enjoy the perfect weather that is October in Arizona.

In November, I flew to Alabama to meet up with my Danish coach Thomas Larsson who took a trip to the US to work with another Danish player and myself. It was four productive days where I got to work on all aspect of the game under sharp supervision of Thomas. We also had some good talks about my career, and in that regard I have chosen to really change the way I practice. This has been extremely beneficial to me, and I am working more focused, more structured, and more time than I ever have before. One thing is certain, that I do not want to look back many years from now thinking ‘if only I had worked a little harder’.

In December, I then finally got to go home to Denmark to see my family and friends after nine months away. I always love coming home around Christmas to soak up the Christmas spirit in the cold and grey weather. On December 22nd I returned to Arizona with my brother to spend the holidays with my boyfriend and his family. We had a great time and I finally got to show off where I live to my brother. He has now visited me in Nevada, Maryland, and Arizona, and is wondering where the next place will be, but I am not planning on going anywhere anytime soon :)

Now 2014 is here it has been time to get back to some serious practice. On that note I am going to spend the next ten days in Florida with the Danish National Team practicing and playing nonstop at the PGA Village in Port St. Lucy. It is going to be a great way to kick of the year and I am hoping to improve the game, once again with help from my coach Thomas.

The past year I have spent watching from the sidelines and now that I am healthy, I cannot wait to get back in the spotlight playing competitive golf again. You never know what is going to happen in the future but I have high hopes for this year and am doing everything in my power to make those hopes come true. Once I return from Florida I will play in three events on the Cactus Tour to get me all suited up and ready to go when the Symetra Tour season kicks off at the end of February.

I hope that everyone got to enjoy the holidays and want to wish everyone a very happy New Year!

All the best,