An Acceptable Showing

An Acceptable Showing

Last week I competed in my first tournament on the Symetra Tour. Without being an impressive showing by any means, it was still a decent week providing a good learning experience.

On the Cactus Tour I have had to compete against about 20 girls with no cut. Now that I have taken the step up the ladder and am part of the Symetra Tour, there are definitely changes to this that I will have to adapt to. It was the first time is many years that I had a cut to make and also had to compete against 144 other players, a number that I am not quite used to either. I still have a lot to learn and experience, but this week was one step in the right direction.

After three days of practice and play I was ready to tee off Friday morning. There were some nerves that I had to get rid of in the first couple of holes, but I seemed to hit it great. I ended up hitting the ball extremely well, but that did me no good, when I didn’t make any putts at all. I hit 15 greens in regulation, 13 of them within 6 yards and didn’t make one single birdie! I finished with a bogey on my last hole for a round in 73. A very frustrating day!

After the first round I worked hard on my putting and was ready to redeem myself on day 2. What I didn’t calculate into the equation was missing two four foot putts on the beginning holes. It was another long day for the putter and a round of 74. It wasn’t what I set out to do, but with a score of +3, I made the cut and was actually very happy to have made it! It was the first tournament of the year on the Symetra Tour, and without being fully prepared I wasn’t really sure what I could expect. Making it to the final day was part of my goal, so even though I hadn’t had the game I wanted to, I was really happy to be playing on Sunday.

On the final day, I really felt good about going out there, attaching the holes and making some birdies. And so I did, but also I didn’t. My front nine was a complete yoyo, up and down. I made some dumb mistakes but also played some great shots. I finally got it more stable on the back and felt like I played well. Right until the 18th hole where I made a double bogey after a trip to the water. It always leaves a bitter taste in your mouth finishing like that, especially when I felt like I had battled well. The score was 75 for the day and I finished my first Symetra Tour tournament tied for 54th.

It was a good learning experience and really fun to see how such a big event is run. My game and scores were nowhere near what I hoped and what I am used to, but nonetheless it was a somewhat decent showing. It was awesome that I all week got to look at my Danish flag, which is displayed among the many other countries represented, just for my sake :) Huge thanks to my caddie who volunteered for four full days with his entire family to help out at the event! Also big thanks to Florida’s Natural for a good season opener, and for all the great charity work they do.