Against All Odds

Against All Odds

In the last of 6 tournaments I seemed to have the odds against me, but nevertheless managed to play some of the best golf this year.

Finally after 5 weeks on the road I was able to stay at home during the tournament in Meyersville, Maryland. It was a good hour long drive, but well worth it. My brother flew in from Denmark on Tuesday to come and caddie for me in the tournament, which I was very excited about. What wasn’t so exciting was that he was very sick once he got here with a really bad cold and fever. Inevitably I caught the bug, and when Friday came around I was feeling awful.

I had a morning tee time and with the potential morning traffic at 6.45 am, we left half an hour earlier than normal. What we couldn’t predict was a huge accident on the freeway, blocking three out of four lanes. The one hour drive took two hours instead. We got to the course half an hour before my tee time, so it was a very quick warm up before it was time to play. I had a small fever all day, and looking like a lost boxing match I felt like I had to muster up all the energy I had to just hit the ball. Despite this, or perhaps because I just wanted the round to end as fast as possible, I actually played very well. I shot two under, and with the way I was feeling I could only be happy about that.

After lots of sleep I got rid of the fever and on Saturday I just had to deal with a bad cold. My parents flew in late the night before, so I got to see them Saturday morning for the first time since April! They have never seen me play in a professional tournament, so it was really awesome to have them come watch me play.

My Saturday round wasn’t the best in two over par, as I was hitting it a bit too far away from the pin and not making any putts. After the round I was completely exhausted, still not feeling 100%. Along came Sunday where I was hoping for a better day. However, as if I hadn’t endured enough during this tournament, my car wouldn’t start in the morning. For some reason Sunday august 26th 2012 was conveniently when my car battery for the first time ever decided to die. A slight rush of panic before we could work out a way for my family and I to take my boyfriend Patrick’s car to the course.

We made it finally, and from the very start I was playing amazing. I kept hitting really long drives, firing shots at the pin, but unfortunately not making any putts. Despite this I kept on giving myself lots of opportunities but it just wasn’t my day with the putter. I ended up hitting 15 greens in regulation, and of them 11 were within 15 feet!! With that, all I managed to shoot for the round was 1 under par. That score did no justice to how I played but that is golf for you sometimes. To add a little salt to the wound, 18th hole was one of just three greens I missed, and I walked away with a bogey to finish the round.

I tied for 22nd overall, but the week could and should have been a lot better. However, there was so much good to take away for the tournament, one of which is my sudden increase in distance with all of my clubs. It seemed like almost magically I gained a good 10-15 yards with every single club and I hit my driver extremely long (I even hit a 307 yard drive, which I don’t think I have ever done!). If this added distance is something that has come to stay it would be such a huge advantage for my game. Also, with the way I was firing at the pin, it is just a matter of working on the putter before the score could be really low.

With all that golf after 6 tournaments in a row it is now time for a few days away from golf. Instead I am going to enjoy some vacation with my family exploring Maryland, D.C. and New York City :)