A Great Finish to the Week

A great finish to the week

After disappointment at the US Open qualifier I redeemed myself with a top-10 in Indiana

Having ended the Vegas trip late Thursday night, I only had a few days at home, before the three week stretch on the Symetra Tour began the following week. These few days in Maryland I spent playing practice rounds and preparing myself for the US Open qualifier. It had been a month without any tournament play, but I was enthusiastic going into the event. It was one day played over 36 holes on the 6700 yard long (very long) Woodmont Country Club.

Despite my efforts and having my boyfriend Patrick helping on the bag, it just wasn’t my day. Normally with my game, my misses are typically very decent and keeps me out of much trouble. Lately however, my misses have been far from okay and left me in all sorts of trouble. At the same time my putter seemed only to work on extremely long putts, whereas it was the 4-5 feet putts that gave me all the trouble. It was a very up and down day with lots of birdies, but too many bogeys as well. I didn’t finish in the magic top-7 of the field, and thus had to wave bye to the opportunity to play in this year’s US Women’s Open.

There will be many more chances in the future, but I took it hard the fact that I have been battling that much with my game. For the past months I haven’t quite been able to play the golf I have wanted to, and it sure gets frustrating. Especially when you feel like you put in the effort. But that’s the way it is, and if it went the way I wanted it to all the time, it would be boring.

After 36 holes and being absolutely physically and mentally drained after the long day, I had to get in my car for 11 hours the following day. On my list of things I wanted to do that Wednesday morning, driving 600 miles by myself, definitely wasn’t on top. However, Indiana and ‘My Marsh Classic’ was the destination for the weeks Symetra Tour event, so in the car I went.

Because of the US Open qualifier being on a Tuesday, I would only be able to get in one practice round on Thursday, before the tournament started Friday (normally I travel Monday to have three days of practice and play before any tournament on tour). I was still frustrated at my game, but I know it’s a grind so I worked on it during and after the Thursday’s practice round. I actually thought I found something with my putting, my chipping, and my long game, that potentially could help, so wanted to go out there and test it out. Thankfully, the small adjustments paid off in every part of my game!

The course played hard with a lot of wind all three days. A few times I did still struggle with some of my missed shots that put me in bad spots, but this time I had the short game going for me. All of a sudden my putter seemed to have heated up as well and for the first time in a while, I felt confident in my putter, which resulted in some birdies. I shot scores of 2 over, 1 over, and finally a red number on Sunday – a round in 71. With the rough wind that total score led me to a tenth place finish by myself. It was my first top-10 on the Symetra Tour in my third event out there.

I was really pleased with the outcome of the tournament, considering how I felt about my game earlier in the week. It is amazing how a few simple adjustments can make such a big difference. It felt more like my old game came back, and it’s a great feeling knowing that I can get a top-10 finish while still hitting some bad shots out there. Hopefully I will get rid of those for this week’s tournament in Iowa, where it’s all about the ‘Titan Tire Challenge’.