A First Class Vegas Experience

A First Class Vegas Experience

Despite a month of May with no tournaments, I have kept busy and twice gotten to visit my old home town of Las Vegas. The experiences I got were amazing!

In the second week of May I got to make a trip back to Las Vegas to participate in a Pro-Am which was a lot of fun. It was some great days on the course, and it felt amazing being able to call those days in Vegas for ‘work’. I am a lucky girl!

After the five days in Vegas I headed back to Maryland to work on my game. Luckily I was able to get my old putter back and I have started taken lessons at the Caves Valley Performance Center. It has been great having someone look at my putting and point me in the right direction, so with a hopefully enhanced stroke and my good old putter in the bag I am excited to see what it can bring! After just eight days it was time to pack the bags once more, and again the destination was ultimately Las Vegas.

This second event turned out to be such a great experience with my sponsor Lon Kruger. Coach Kruger is the former basketball head coach for UNLV and now the head coach for Oklahoma University. With his charity match Coaches vs. Cancer taking place in Las Vegas, he invited me along to meet a lot of people and play some great golf courses.

First I headed to Oklahoma for a day, where Toby Keith’s fundraiser took place. I arrived Friday evening, just in time to get ready for the opening of the big fundraiser. There were about 800 hundred people at the event which was huge. A silent auction went on with some amazing items. My favorite must have been the three signed Masters flags by Phil Mickelson in the years he won it – that went for $10.000 though so a little out of my league. Also a live auction took place after dinner, and it was crazy to see how people started outbidding themselves, all to support a good cause. I have never experienced something like that so it was fun for me to see.

The next day was the charity golf match at Toby Keith’s course, which I didn’t play in though. Instead I went to practice at the Oklahoma University course and saw the NCAA Men’s Regional. After Coach Kruger had finished play that day we got ready to head to Las Vegas Saturday evening – and in very nice style I may add. Below is a picture of the private jet that took us from Oklahoma to Las Vegas, and what a treat! :)

Sunday I played a round of golf with Coach and a couple of his friends and after that, got ready for the red carpet event that evening. It was the opening of the event Coaches vs. Cancer, which Kruger has run for five years now. The location was right by the fountains at Bellagio – one of my favorite things in Vegas – so it was a beautiful setting. I got to talk with a lot of great people and had fun being part of such a great fundraiser.

Monday was round one at Shadow Creek, an amazing course I have just played once before. I played with three great guys and we had a blast out there. Monday night it was party at the Kruger’s house with 200+ people. Toby Keith had come out to play in Las Vegas and had actually agreed to have a small concert at the house. The stage was set over the pool, the sound was amazing, and despite me not knowing much of Toby’s music it was a really great experience for everyone.

From one great course to another, Tuesday was the second and last day of the fundraiser tournament at Southern Highlands. Once again I had a great time with the guys I played with and the event overall was just amazing. Coach Kruger has over the past five years of this event raised over $1 million which is amazing. He is one of the most admirable people I have ever met. He has been such a great coach at UNLV and all the other schools he has coached at, but yet he is the most humble guy and thinks so much about what he can do to help others. An amazing person and a true idol to me!

Tuesday afternoon the event concluded with prize giving and I had the rest of the day for some ‘meditation’ short game practice after the two hectic and eventful days. And as if we hadn’t gotten enough golf in, Coach Kruger had arranged for the two of us to play another round at Southern Highlands with one of his friends Wednesday morning. It was a great time on the amazing coursing and after 18 holes we went for another 9.

Thursday morning it was time to end the phenomenal Vegas trip. I met a lot of great people over the course of the week and found some new sponsors which I am very grateful for. Coach and his family were so nice to me and I am really thankful for everything they have helped me with.

Now back to the normal life in Maryland for a few days. On Tuesday the 29th is the US Open qualifier, so it could be fun to play well that day! Then Wednesday the drive goes to Indiana to play in three straight events on the Symetra Tour. I am really starting to experience what the pro-life is all about :)










The private Jet that took us from Oklahoma to Las Vegas.









Signing basketballs at the opening of Coaches vs. Cancer with Coach Kruger.











The 17th hole at Shadow Creek.